Your Ultimate IPTV Viewing Experience

PupilHD offers the best-in-class Live TV with more than 500 of the best (Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish) channels streamed live all over the world. Our box offers high-quality streaming. The interface is easy-to-use and supports many different connectivity options. With our box you will not only get a receiver for our high-quality TV-signal, but also a powerfull media-center solution. You can connect USB-sticks, external harddrives and even digital cameraes, to enjoy your own music, videos or pictures on your TV.

Over the past few years we have enabled a number of IPTV providers to start offering similar service, and now we decided to offer our state of the art, unmatched service to customers like you directly, we don’t relay on any third party for any of our services and we guarantee what we offer.
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